Na Leo O Hawaii

Nā Leo ʻO Hawaiʻi (Hawai’i’s Voices) is one of four independent PEG ( public, education, government) entities in the State of Hawaii. The State of Hawaii, as franchising authority, chose to establish public access in conformity with the federal Cable Act of 1984 and delegated the regulation of public access to the Cable TV Division within its Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs (DCCA). During the planning process for the establishment of public access, and to preserve its local nature, the Planning Committee decided that a PEG entity should serve the public of a particular franchise area. Thus we have Olelo for Oahu, Hoike for Kauai County, Akaku for Maui, Molokai and Lanai and Na Leo for Hawaii County. Financing for public access is provided through a portion of the franchise fees collected from cable subscribers and supports teaching and cable casting services on the Big Island’s non-commercial community TV station,Nā Leo ʻO Hawaiʻi. Our equipment, facilities and channels may not be used to sell or to promote a for-profit product or service.



Nā Leo ʻO Hawaiʻi is a private 501c(3) corporation and was incorporated in December of 1993. It first started operations in Hilo in June, 1994 and in Kona in November, 1994. The corporation is governed by a seven member volunteer Board of Directors, who serve three-year terms.



The mission of Nā Leo ʻO Hawaiʻi is to facilitate diverse community, education and government dialog and expression by providing television access for the people of the County of Hawaii.



Our vision and desired legacy as an organization is to get everyone in the County of Hawai’i involved in community television. We will create a level of public participation that transforms Public, Education and Government access (“PEG access”) television into public service- expanding communication and learning, and ultimately strengthening the community we serve.



Instruction in field and studio equipment usage and in the fundamentals of production and editing of programs for cable casting

  • Negotiating timeslots for programs, logging the programs and cable casting them
  • Free use of equipment and studios after training and becoming certified. To become certified, you demonstrate competence in use of equipment by making two Public Service Announcements.
  • Free use of the Bulletin Board for community announcements
  • Transmission of the Legislative and County Council meetings

Board Of Directors

Pōhai Montague-Mullins President Jennifer Zelko-Schlueter Vice-President Connie Kiriu Treasurer Kauhi Keliiaa Secretary Gerald Takase Board Member Gail Uejo Board Member Claude W. Onizuka Board Member Daniel Weiss Board Member  

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Stacy Higa shiga@naleo.tv General Manager   Ann Toledo atoledo@naleo.tv Programming Coordinator Ann Toledo programs and schedules Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi’s public access channels. Toledo interacts with clients in accepting programs and fitting them into the program schedule, answers inquiries and complaints about Nā Leo ʻO Hawaiʻi services, schedules and programming.   Ku‘ulei Garcia kgarcia@naleo.tv Administrative Coordinator …

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