Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does one become a certified producer at Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi?

The requirements are that you must attend the training classes and demonstrate that you have learned to use the basics of camera use and editing by producing two Public Service Announcements within an eight week period after the last class. Further details are discussed in the Introductory Class.


2. How much does it cost to become a producer?

Please see the Training page for classes and costs.


3. Who can submit programs for airing?

Any resident of the State of Hawaii may submit a program for airing on Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi. Out-of-State residents may submit a program by having a local resident as a sponsor. For further details, please submit an e-mail question or call the Hilo or Kona offices.

4. What format does Na Leo O Hawaii accept?

Playback submissions should be on DVDs (-R discs preferred and FINALIZED). At present, BlueRay discs are not accepted, nor is videotape of any kind.

5. How does one remain certified?

To remain certified you must submit one new program every 3 months or after you have used Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi equipment and/or facilities for a combined total of six times.

6. What type of programs can be submitted?

Any program may be submitted as long as it complies with the requirements spelled out in the back of the Playback Submission form (a signed copy required with every submission) and the Public Access Policies of Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi found on the documents page.

7. How is Na Leo funded?

The funds to support Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi come from cable subscribers. The cable company is required to pay rent to the state (the Franchise Fee) for using the public rights-of-way.The cable company places their equipment in these rights-of-ways in order to conduct business. Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi receives a percentage of the Franchise Fee.

8. How do I air a program on Na Leo O Hawaii?

Simply arrange for a “time slot” with Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi’s Program Coordinator and submit your program with a SIGNED Playback Submission Form. Please be sure to follow the Technical Requirements.

9. How can I use Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi’s equipment?

In order to use Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi’s equipment for free, you must be a certified producer.


10. Why don’t I get a program when I press the number on the IVBB?

The Interactive Video Bulletin Board is not an on-demand service but a text messaging service. The number displayed on the IVBB refers to a particular message on the IVBB associated with that number, not a program.

11. How do I put a message on the bulletin board?

Please submit an Interactive Bulletins Request form, found on the documents page, fill out the appropriate information, sign the form and mail, fax or e-mail the form to Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi. Please note that no fee or monetary information or requirements can be on the form. For example, you can say that an entrance fee will be applicable, but NOT how much.