Learn to create your own TV shows with Na Leo Video Production Training.

Hawaiʻi Island’s own, Nā Leo ʻO Hawaiʻi, can help you put together your television show and broadcast it on cable channel 53 or 54.

Nā Leo ʻO Hawaiʻi offers classes in basic video production, camera operation, editing, lighting and studio production. A minimal charge applies for the training as detailed in this brochure, but once you’re a certified producer at Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi, use of the television equipment and facilities are FREE!

The first class, Orientation, is normally held on the first Saturday of each month at 9 a.m. in Hilo and the first Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in Kona. The next four classes of the Field Production course are: Video Production Basics, Camera Basics, Non-Linear Editing I and Non-Linear Editing II and are scheduled at the Orientation class by consensus of the class.

Free Orientation (2 Hours Hilo First Saturday of the month / Kona First Wednesday of the month)

  • Tour the Facility
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Questions and Answers

Pre-Production Basics (3 Hours $10)

  • Pre Production
  • Production – Field & Studio
  • Post Production
  • Paper Work: Releases, Playback Form, etc.

Field Camera Basics(3 Hours $30)

  • Pre Production
  • Production – Field & Studio
  • Post Production
  • Paper Work: Releases, Playback Form, etc.

Non Linear Edit Basics I (3 Hours $30)

  • Storyboard Screen
  • Capture Screen
  • Titling
  • Audio Options
  • Burning DVD

Non Liner Edit Basics II (3 Hours $30)

  • Review all basic elements of Edit I
  • Special video effects
  • Special audio effects
  • Special titling
  • Burning DVD

Upon completion of these five classes, you will need to submit, within eight weeks, two short public service announcement videos to demonstrate your mastery of equipment and concepts. You will then be a certified Client, eligible to use equipment and edit bays for FREE.

Studio Production Class (12 Hours $120 Available in Hilo Only)

Studio production is a team effort. This class requires at least five students working together and all students must have completed and passed Video Production Training Classes.

  • Studio Camera
  • Audio
  • Video Switcher
  • Floor Manager
  • Titling

Additional advanced classes are also offered. Please inquire.